League Art Fair winners

"League Art 2024 was a big success this year in many ways and would not have been possible without the help of many people, adults and students alike," quoted JLHS Art Instructor Dawn Carlson. Jayhawk Linn High School hosted 7 of the league schools on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.  All students in attendance rotated through a series of demonstrations while artwork was being judged in the old gym.  Demonstrations for the students included, "Using Art to Make a Living" with Kate Freeman from the Artificers, "Posing and Photographing People" with Naomi Read, "Clay Techniques" with David Ingram, and "Cookie Design and Decorating" with Bree Spurgeon, The Cookie Momster. Trent Freeman from the Artificers and Tera Schultz from Allen County Community College judged the student submitted art work this year.



When demonstrations ended, students participated in onsite competitions, all pertaining to this year's TRL theme, "Radioactive and Mutated". Students could “Mutate a famous Masterpiece" by making it look the same but mutated; these were live art where kids dressed up and became the art.  They could "Zombify a Friend or Themselves” in an individual drawing competition.  Finally, they could make a mural that was based on a Famous Landmark but Radioactive. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the onsite competitions. Students broke for lunch and then those who placed in the art competition itself were presented their medals. According to Dawn Carlson, "I had several kids who did an amazing job keeping things running smoothly. Jayden Holt and Janessa Scott made sure that our judges had everything they needed to do their job and tracked our results for our medal ceremony at the end.  Alex Nation, Emily Becker and Danielle Slinkard helped our demonstrators so they could do what they needed to do. I cannot forget our students competing in competitions and having their art judged, I was beyond proud of our students and how they handled themselves.  It was a wonderful day."

Jayhawk LInn students placed in the following categories:

Jonah Baldwin- THIRD in Hand-built ceramics

Brody Clark- SECOND in Hand-built ceramics and SECOND in 3-D multi-media

Katelyn Kewish- FIRST and an HONORABLE MENTION in photography

Brooke Hughes- SECOND in on-site competitions

Danyka Pointer- FIRST in 3-D multi-media and then received BEST OF SHOW in the 3-D category overall.  

Only two best of shows are awarded, one for 2-D work and one for 3-D work and Danyka took one of those home.

Jayhawk students' artwork will be on display in downtown Mound City for the next couple of weeks. 

Participants in gym