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Royce Powelson

Royce Powelson, 3 days ago

Parents and Students 3-30-2020. Today was a great day of caring for the children of USD #346 by our staff. Teachers have been busy getting Continuous Learning Plans ready for your child. Meanwhile, food service, bus drivers, and classified staff prepared and delivered over 425 meals. As a reminder on food deliveries - we can NOT touch anything on your property. To keep social distance and keep our employees safe we cannot ring your doorbell, put meals in your cooler, in your trunk, in your mailbox, or in the seat of your car (today's requests). Thank you for understanding why we cannot touch a surface you have touched. Buses M2, M4, M7, and 3 suburbans will travel their routes tomorrow with over 600 meals. Wednesday is curb side pick up in the JES teachers parking lot (bus loop) and will have about 900 meals served on that day. Reminder: curb side pick up of meals is every Wednesday 11 to noon...

Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas, 3 days ago

JLHS Continuous Learning Plan has started rolling out to students. Please be patient with us as we are in uncharted territory. Please understand that each teacher faces unique challenges based upon his or content and the needs of the class being rolled out. Our intent is to release material and classwork slowly so as to not overwhelm students who are also facing a reality unlike anything they are familiar with.
We know that what works for one student or family may not work for others and that we will need time and communication to get those plans in place for everyone.
Teachers and staff have your best interest at heart. They want to help you and they want you to succeed. Feel free to communicate issues or concerns with your teacher or with Mr. Thomas and Mr. Holt.
We WILL get through these tough times by working together.

Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas, 4 days ago

Continuous Learning Plans will roll out this week. Expect initial contact from teachers by this Friday April 3rd. Initial contact may not contain assignments. Please be patient as teachers test communication platforms and check on students before assignments are handed out.
Stay Safe!

Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas, 6 days ago

I hope all of you are safe and sound! Here is another video update to end the week with. Huge shoutout to the staff at JLHS and JLJHS! Everybody stepped up huge this week and helped make our Continuous Learning Plans a reality!!

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