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Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas, about 18 hours ago

Thanks to all of you for your efforts this week. I am very proud of our staff for their work. I am very proud of the students who rolled up their sleeves and got to work, and very thankful to all of our parents and patrons for your patience.

Royce Powelson

Royce Powelson, about 23 hours ago

Parents and students 4-3-2020. This week we fed over 4000 meals to the children of our district. Teachers have rolled out learning for your students and we are desperately trying to find a "new normal" for school. As for food service about 3 to 5 families a day who "missed the bus". If you know you are not going to be present to get your meals please call the school and cancel your order for that day. We expect your child to be at the bus stop on time and should not have to call or honk the horn before they come out of the house. Educationally, we expect all students to participate in the continuous learning opportunities offered by the district to the fullest extent possible, without placing additional burdens and hardships on our families. If you have trouble with connectivity or understanding assignments please email or call our staff and we will gladly assist students and families overcome barriers and obstacles. On the lighter side, one student recently asked me, "do you really expect us to do our assignments?" My answer, "only if you want to pass your class and graduate".

USD 346 Web Admin

USD 346 Web Admin, about 24 hours ago

Attention high school & junior high parents and guardians. Please read this message at the following link from JLHS yearbook staff.

Jayhawk Web Admin

Jayhawk Web Admin, 2 days ago

Check out our April 2020 Jayhawk Elementary Newsletter.

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