It is truly a pleasure to partner with our fine community, and I am truly excited about what lies ahead for USD 346. Our school district continues to build a strong foundation based on great teachers and staff, a supportive Board of Education, and an engaged community. That same foundation, having been built over many years, will continue to mold our choices and to exemplify excellence in all that we do. Our overarching theme, being EXCEPTIONAL, is exhibited daily in the endeavors of our teachers, staff, administration, and students. Jayhawk Schools will continue to build on this excellence as we strive to become exceptional!
As we navigate this new school year, we stay committed to preparing our students for the potential challenges they may face in their academic journey. To assist them in meeting these challenges, we depend on our excellent teaching and support staff to continue to raise the bar in our classrooms, and to provide experiences that are meaningful and relevant to the world that we will send our students into. It is more than our responsibility, it is our privilege to be part of the team that creates even more pathways for our students to use their strengths in their educational and career choices.
Our district’s successes have been many and diverse, proving that great school systems are built with great people. We are proud of our students and our staff and believe that by bringing their attitude of exceptionality every day, we can continue to provide a rigorous and relevant education that leads to tremendous opportunities for every child. I am honored to be a member of the Jayhawk School District and I look forward to the many successes that this school year will bring.