At Jayhawk USD #346, we believe it’s to a child’s benefit to have the support and cooperation of parents, teachers, and community leaders. This cooperation enhances our resources and strengthens our ability to meet the needs of the children in our school district. Many teachers and parents can attest to the fact that when we seek solutions together and implement ideas, our school is more successful in preparation of our students for their future. Our administrative staff spends many hours visiting with staff, parents, and students in order to find the best way of assisting each child to reach their goals and achieve success.

Our community is proactive with today’s educational challenges of declining enrollment and state assessments. In addition, our community is a great place to raise children as it is enriched with ethics and beliefs of ‘wholesome, hometown values”.

Personally, as a sports and school activities enthusiast, I enjoy watching the young people excel and participate in athletic competitions, musical performances, and various school sponsored activities. I am always excited to be involved in the on going extra-curricular activities and look forward to the many opportunities they can provide for the families in our district.

Dr. Royce Powelson