Mr. Metcalf & Mr. Williamson being slimed

The most hilarious thing happened on Friday, March 23, 2023. You might be asking yourself why was that day the most hilarious day? Well, the answer is my PE teacher and the janitor got slimed, disgusting. The Kids Heart Challenge is an event that my school (Jayhawk Elementary) raises money for kids that have heart problems. So it’s pretty cool that my school does it, but back to the slime. My PE teacher, Mr. Metcalf, said that if you donated money you would be donating a cup of slime that you get to dump on him. 

     I went to the assembly that day and took my seat like the rest of my school. Yes, my entire school was there. There was a blue tarp on the ground with two chairs on top of it. The two people that we’re getting slimed had to sit in those chairs,Mr. Metcalf and our janitor Mr. John. They had a cut trash bag on them so they wouldn’t get there clothes wet. Right behind the chairs were plastic cups and a bucket of sticky and green slime. Mrs. Umphenour got handed the microphone and she called all the kids in that donated money to come down, one of them I knew he was in the same grade as me, Daniel Holt. After all the kids came down, Mrs. Umphenour said one of the kids were sick, so that kid named Bently said that his classmates could take over for him and slime Mr. John and Mr. Metcalf. I was so excited to watch Mr. Metcalf get slimed.The first five kids slimed Mr. Metcalf and on the sixth kid Mr. John finally got slimed.

     We were number seven in the state for the most money raised for the Kids Heart Challenge and that we raised $11,496,24. Then all the kids who slimed Mr. Metcalf and Mr. John got up for a picture, but then somebody dumped the entire slime bucket on Mr. Metcalf. This was the most hilarious day ever.