KC Wolf Mascot speaking to kids

Something really unbelievable happened on February 23, 2023. The real mascot of the Chiefs came to my school, Jayhawk Elementary. At first a person wearing a costume which had gigantic hips jumped all around the bleachers giving kids high fives. I thought it was one of the teachers, most of my friends did, too. Then the costume person started doing hilarious dancing moves and wow! This costume person had some silly dance moves because every one in the bleachers giggled.

Then my PE teacher Mr. Metcalf started introducing our special guest, the person with the costume on went right next to Mr. Metcalf and took off his costume head. That’s when it hit me the person with the costume on and the big hips was the Chief’s mascot. The man was pretty funny, one of his jokes was he asked us who in the bleachers thought he looked better with the mask on. After he told some hilarious jokes he said he wanted to show us a video of what he did and of course as he was walking away he said, “Let me get my hips out of the way.”

The video was filled to the brim with hilarious things he did. One of the things he did was he literally zip-lined through the stands at the Chiefs game. After the video he told us what he really came here for was a program called “Don’t be a bully. Be a buddy.” He talked about that for awhile but didn’t make it boring. He cracked up jokes and he even let a little girl come up and help him. Some of the things he talked about was why do bully’s bully others and what is bullying? He also told about different types of bullying like verbal, physical, social, and cyber bullying. At the end was my favorite, we received a signed photo of KC Wolf. It was really the coolest day ever.